Avos-A-Thon 2020

The spiritual energy in Kinloss hall was palpable, and the very walls seemed to reverberate with the excitement of “zeh hayom kivinu lo.”

Inspiring Darkei Avos Celebration

Over 150 girls from three North West London high schools: Beis Yaakov Grammar, Menorah High and Tiferes, who participated in the Darkei Avos programme over the past two months, learning the first Perek of Pirkei Avos b’al peh, enjoyed an evening
Hamodia UK (February 2019)

Hamodia UK (February 2019)

The Darkei Avos programme is set to run for two months each year. During this short time, girls will be able to master one perek of Pirkei Avos. This cumulative course will ensure that by the time a girl finishes high school she can be fluent in the

NEW Darkei Avos Launched 2018

An exciting new project for girls has just been launched. The aim of Darkei Avos, under the rabbinical direction of Rav S.Y. Bixenspanner, shlita, is to give girls an opportunity to benefit from the age-old wisdom of Chazal, to improve themselves

The Avos-A-Thon Celebrating a Torah Journey 2018

Last month, over 200 members joined the Avos-a-thon, a siyum that celebrated Torah study, learning and growing in middos, and the start of a life’s journey. That evening, the hall was animated with divrei Torah and hisorerus, song, dance, and joy.