They need your assistance!
They need your encouragement!
They need your support!
They need you!

Our Darkei Avos volunteers are a group of dedicated women and girls who provide various support functions for the approximately two months that the programme runs.

Our volunteers are friendly, motivated and team players, ready for action and to provide assistance and support whenever and wherever needed. They are invited to participate in our end-of-the-year gala event, and will be formally recognized for their dedication and effort!

We are excited to welcome you to be a part of the Darkei Avos team! If you are dedicated, committed, and willing to roll up your sleeves, pitch in, and make a real difference, please fill in your details below.
For questions and further information,
please contact Mrs Aviva Rowe +44 7940 888051

testing the girls

on a weekly basis and tracking their progress

providing support

and much-needed encouragement to assist the girls in their learning and mastering of the programme

logistical planning

and set up for the grand event
Assisting with the

awards ceremony

working with the caterer

and party planner in various capacities

To register as a volunteer, please fill out the form below