What is the purpose of this project?

We have three goals:
1. Each girl will master Pirkei Avos ba’al peh.
2. Each girl will develop a deeper understanding of the meaning and messages of Pirkei Avos, using the Pirkei Avos sefer provided.
3. Each girl will raise funds for both her school and for Hachnasas Kallah.
This is a cumulative programme. The first year girls will master Perek Alef, the second year Perek Beis, and so on. The goal is that by the time each girl finishes Grammar School she will be a Pirkei Avos Pro!

What makes this programme so great?

It's a fast-paced, fun-filled competition between girls, between classes and between schools!
Every girl will receive a welcome pack with all the information she needs to be part of the programme, which will run for approximately 2 months each year.

So how will this work?

1. PICK A PARTNER: Each girl will choose a partner from her class to be her Chavrusa. Together, the girls will embark on this journey, helping each other to learn and master the material. Pirkei Avos cards and an audio CD will help the girls to memorise the Mishnayos.
2. GET TESTED: Each girl will be tested a total of three times; once by heart and twice with a multiple choice test. The higher her score, the more points she will earn. A specially designed chart will help girls to keep track of their progress.

What is the Finale?

The programme will culminate in an invitation for all participating girls to take part in an exclusive and enthralling evening celebrating their success! There will be fabulous entertainment followed by an awards ceremony.

Are there any prizes?

The girl who scores the highest overall (both Ba’al Peh and on her tests) will win the Grand Prize. If there are multiple eligible girls, there will be a ‘gorel’ to select the winner.
Each class will also nominate a classmate for the Middos Mastery Award, which will recognise those girls who have excelled in Middos Tovos by applying the lessons of Pirkei Avos in their everyday lives.
The class that raises the most funds will also be rewarded, and the school that raises the most money will take home the Darkei Avos Gold Cup!